Monday, July 25, 2011

Victoria Beckham donated gifts birth of her daughter

It's not just family or close friends of David and Victoria Beckham who welcomed the birth of their daughter, Harper Seven. International brands of strollers, changing tables and latches were thrown at the chance, hoping that their product is the star would choose to pamper and daughter Victoria Beckham is photographed wearing their product: stunt assured.

Result, Victoria Beckham is left with 14 strollers on the arms and a lot of baby gifts that would amount to $ 9,000. Pretty kitty. But the little darling is that Harper, a single stroller should suffice: "David and Victoria have a policy not to accept gifts and they try to return what they received," said a friend of the couple, quoted by the Daily Mail.

But for many lots of layers, latches, and teats without return address, the mother of 36 years, Victoria Beckham has decided to donate massive associations charities close to their home in Beverly Hills. When brands are maternity charity work at their expense!

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