Monday, July 25, 2011

Lady Gaga recorded a duet with Cher

The last international hit of Cher probably dates from "Believe" in 1998. But the artist is preparing a musical comeback with a new album. And to ensure a minimum of curiosity of the media and the public, what better than to ask Lady Gaga to write a title? To the delight of Cher, the Gaga has signed for her a song called "The Greatest Thing".

Initially, it was not expected that the two artists do a duet together. But obviously, Cher and dreamed of recording will take place. So a few days ago, she shared the good news on Twitter, writing: "I can not wait GaGa raises his voice on The Greatest Thing! "Let us recall that 65 years, Cher has a long musical career behind her.

The singer began in the 60's and had its first successes ("I Got You Babe") along with Sonny Bono. If his comeback to cinema in Burlesque (2010) with Christina Aguilera, was not a success, wish him that this duo is actually "The Greatest Thing"!

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