Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eva Longoria, one must suffer to be sexy! Instead, look ...

By discovering the last shot posted by Eva Longoria on the social network Twitter, you say that to be sexy requires determination and courage! As we previously announced, the actress is taking pole dance classes in school S Factor in Los Angeles for the purposes of following the adventures of her character Gabrielle Solis in the series "Desperate Housewives", he seems that Gaby is embarking on this sensual activity in the coming episodes, this will be hot on Wisteria Lane, after the exploits at the helm of Susan Mayer (played by Teri Hatcher), this is another brunette is ready to play its charms ...

Meanwhile, the future scene anthology, the girl is suffering, the pole dance is a real sport and it looks like the star of 36 years to make expenses, it is covered in bruises on the arms, not simple to twirl around the bar in all likelihood! "I hope you see the episode ... It's worth it to suffer," said the former girlfriend of the basketball player Tony Parker.

This is a woman who knows how the mouth water! She can always forget his aches in the arms of her current boyfriend, Eduardo Cruz (brother of actress Penelope Cruz), who spends much time with him, a man that meets present and attentive (at least for now! ) all the expectations of the mini vamp still crunchy on the screen.

The question is whether the potential sensuality of the star will be able to compete with other stars who have delivered a stunning performance of pole dance, we refer in particular to the Colombian singer, Shakira has left the male flapping in awe like a goddess in her latest video "Rabios." However, knowing the fiery temperament of the actress you say it is not going to let it count, what do you think?

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