Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Between Rihanna and Drake, it's getting serious!

Rihanna and Drake would indeed be together again! The two stars who have already had a relationship in 2009, would have given cover. According to recent rumors, the two singers have decided to live under the same roof. Rihanna recently said she felt ready to embark on a new love affair ... I must say that the show has become very suspicious in love, especially after his difficult break with Chris Brown in response to domestic violence.

Apparently, the Canadian rapper would believe the interpretation of "Umbrella" on the sincerity of his love and would have even offered to move in together. A source said: "Now, Drake told him how much he loves her and wants her to move in with him! She told friends she had decided to go and give a serious chance at their relationship.

"Rihanna's relatives would be delighted by the news ... They are convinced that the two stars are made for each other. One thing is certain Rihanna has never looked happier than right now. Indeed, the young woman was spotted yesterday afternoon (Monday, July 18), more fulfilled than ever, with a few friends in the streets of Manhattan.

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