Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chris Brown: a nightmare for neighbors!

Chris Brown has struck again. After beating Rihanna and trashed her dressing room on a television, the singer now attracts the ire of its neighbors. According to the website TMZ, they complain because of his abusive behavior. His neighbors are so fed up of his behavior that they complained to the keeper of her building in West Hollywood.

It does not beat around the bush: Chris'd better not to park their cars again on parking spaces for the disabled, otherwise it is expulsion, which awaits him! For its part, the singer claims that two parking spaces belong to it with his apartment and no one has ever made aware that they were places for the disabled.

This argument fails because, according to the guard, Chris Brown station to other places reserved for disabled people! But that does not stop there. The neighbors have also pointed to other excesses committed by Chris Brown. The singer is also accused of putting the loud music and to hold dog races in the hallways.

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