Monday, July 4, 2011

Ashley Tisdale in the arms of Zac Efron for his birthday

It seems that Zac Efron is not far fetched over from Vanessa Hudgens. Saturday at the Malibu beach party organized to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the actress Ashley Tisdale, the two "friends" spent the day glued to each other in front of family and friends of the actress. Almost all photos of Ashley Tisdale's Day show in a bathing suit on the shoulders of a Zac Efron at the top of his manhood and the two actors did not really seem to want to hide: a kiss in the ad here, a hug there, Zac with Ashley in his arms as married or pretending to throw it in the water ...

We almost forget that the official boyfriend of Ashley Scott Speer was present! So either both players are desperate beautiful publicity stunt that would forget that their careers are in retreat, or they have a very demonstrative and tactile to show their friendship. One thing is certain, the boyfriend of Ashley Tisdale is not jealous!

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