Monday, July 11, 2011

Carla Bruni: its quiet holiday before the baby arrives

Delivery is scheduled for October. But Carla Bruni is already spare, avoid fatigue with the main motto, apparently, rest! Since its introduction during the G8 in Deauville, Carla Bruni has made discreet, refusing public appearances now. Nicolas Sarkozy visited one at the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene, it will also be without his wife for the ceremonies of July 14 we learned last week.

Now, the Parisian and the Daily Mail out pictures of Carla Bruni Sarkozy in Brégançon rest. The future is particularly protective father, accompanying the movement with care of Carla. On the pictures, we find the couple in private, the president casually dressed, black shorts and white t-shirt, Carla Bruni simple blue tunic with bare legs.

We also note that under the sun of the Var, the mother prefers to travel on a cart that spares him the effort of walking under the sun. Carla Bruni, already mother of a little Aurélien than 10 years, a woman seems well protected at three months of delivery.

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