Saturday, July 2, 2011

Charlene Wittstock and marriage of Albert of Monaco: Andrea Casiraghi, the new strongman of the Princely Family!

If we all already craquons Charlotte Casiraghi, the daughter of Caroline of Hanover, it must be admitted that his older brother, Andrea, do not leave us indifferent! Indeed, this fop of 27, who recently said goodbye to his beautiful mane, we simply dazzled this Saturday, July 2 at the wedding of his uncle, Albert of Monaco with the lovely Charlene Wittstock.

Like her sister and her little brother Peter, Andrew came with his longtime love, Tatiana Santo Domingo ... But it has not managed to steal the show! A fall in his three-piece suit and his shirt spotless, decorated with an elegant tie, Andrea has become a worthy male representative of the Rock of Monaco (right after his uncle, of course).

In fact there is not to say, during the exchange of vows that took place there was just a few hours, he showed great class ...

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