Saturday, July 2, 2011

Demi Lovato plays small Indian is the total bursts with the girls!

The singer Demi Lovato is about to unveil a new single and an unreleased album definitely has found the joy of living! Indeed, the young woman who is very active on the social network Twitter has published photos of her disguised as a beautiful Indian, wearing a dress made of feathers on the head and affordable blue lipstick (yes disguise n ' was not completely faithful to the spirit of the Wild West!) posing in a spirit of good-with girlfriends.

Snapshots that reflect the will of the star to have fun again and forget the dark days she went through during his stay in a rehabilitation center cut off from the rest of the world and friends ... The former star Series "Sonny with a Chance" has returned to happiness by accepting as it is, with its qualities and flaws, and strong personal experience and the discomfort she was feeling, the star of the Disney Channel is trying to help their teens with advice whenever she can and so trivial.

Indeed, half not hesitate to leave lots of messages to his followers so that they feel comfortable in their shoes and they make the right choices. Half a Twitter: "Most of the time when people judge you have more problems than you," this little phrase common sense was shared by hundreds of fans of the artist.

A good way to comfort those who are mocked ... small Former Joe Jonas has understood the difficulties she has experienced can be used to help others, so she invested also in his column for the magazine Seventeen, a way for her to give sound advice ... A nice gift for his fans, right? And do not forget his commitment to the campaign Louder Love is advocating that perfection does not exist and that only love counts ...

Miley Cyrus does it is also not mistaken, she joined the movement created by Brittany Snow.

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