Monday, July 4, 2011

Elisabetta Canalis, collapsed by his sudden break with George Clooney!

The mother of the top Italian Elisabetta Canalis, said that her daughter was not in great shape since its separation from the international actor George Clooney, a rupture that was revealed to the media June 24, she said on this subject: "She was in the dumps. We talked with her but very sad, but her grief will pass.

" Elisabetta has mood in the socks, which seems logical given the suddenness of their breakup, the girl really was not expecting it and thought that they would rather live together soon and even why not formalize their relationship. Recently, Elisabetta Canalis had said in an interview with Italian magazine Chi, "she was happier than ever and it did not close the door to marriage," before adding "I am very fulfilled in this time with my man.

My fairy tale continues. We are a couple who never get bored. Every time I see my picture in a magazine, I know what is written. They all say that I spend my time organizing parties, my boyfriend does not want to marry me and that he no longer wishes to be with me. "The fall is pretty violent for ragazza and sense of humiliation is not far either! Especially since his father is perhaps not quite as psychologist continues to extol the qualities of the actor, not sure if it helps his daughter to back up the hill, it's never good to remember the qualities of an ex when you just to Lose a Guy ...

"This is an incredible man, very funny. We had a great time ... honestly it would have been a good son, "said the father of the young woman in Vanity Fair magazine, adding that he respected the great actor! The causes of failure are not known but some in the entourage of the couple mentioned that Elisabetta, 32, had cravings for white dresses, or known how the actor 50 is resistant to a union official, others still evoke strong possessiveness of the lady in the Latin temperament! A source close to the actor reportedly said, "It drove him crazy.

They bickered for trivial things. He just wanted to spend time with his friends and tried more or less get rid of her and let her girlfriends. "This is a statement full of class. Finally after all mister if Clooney wants to live as an eternal adolescent, without serious relationship, it does look like him! We talk of 10 or 15 years old when his potential seduction has taken a big hit and his friends will all boxes with children and grandchildren ...

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