Thursday, July 7, 2011

Elisabetta Canalis do not cry over George Clooney, it has regained its former under the sun! (Photos)

Elisabetta Canalis collapsed it was said that since his break with the famous Dr. Ross of the series "ER," George Clooney, in all likelihood has passed its stock of Kleenex and decided not to be beaten! And what better way to reconnect with the joy of life than to find a former boyfriend cute and strong shoulders waiting patiently for the tide is turning? The beautiful Italian model and TV presenter, found his former lover, the handsome Angelo Vita! The old couple.

The story between George and Elisabetta officially ended on June 24 and the mother of the new single had not failed to give the magazine Vanity Fair that her daughter was devastated by the sudden separation, "She in the dumps. We talked with her but very sad, but her grief will pass. " Indeed, the grief seems to have vanished faster than expected, unless this is a mere facade ...

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