Friday, July 1, 2011

Emma Watson in Harry Potter Promo: "Show me sexy scares me"

July 12 released the final part of Harry Potter. One that has grown during the filming, is the beautiful Emma Watson which one feels that she looks forward to stand on its own, away from the clutter also loved character, Hermione Granger. Exile in the U.S. for his studies, the girl was paid again thanks to the play with the modeling in the lens of photographer Alex Lubomirski, confident in the magazine's ambitions and fears.

The future for her, to prove himself and play, it is also in progress at the prestigious Brown University, trying to overcome "My teacher told me that playing the most difficult for me was to get angry. quasimment I burst into tears when they tried to make me angry. I said, "I can not do it, I can not." Like Emma Watson already mentioned, the character of quiet and studious Hermione him fit and do not push the limits of play in now, the young actress has to leave the flaking varnish perfect little girl.

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  1. Nothing emma says is true. she lies too much. Idont believe a word she says.