Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Emma Watson refuses to fall into the tyranny of Hollywood

After Daniel Radcliffe, who had his problems with alcohol in GQ, his partner in Harry Potter, Emma Watson noted that the pressure that would be submitted by Hollywood that would be obsessed with diets and with its image in Harper 's Baath, has been one of the reasons why he has decided to postpone her arrival in Los Angeles.

When Emma Watson came to America to study at Brown University, she was not seeking fame and fortune because he had achieved both with the Harry Potter series where he plays Hermione. Instead, he left the UK to find peace of mind and out of a claustrophobic environment, but after many rumors, bullying, Brown left to focus on his career as an actress, designer and model.

The girl admits she does not come to Hollywood because she wants to be away from the pressure to be thin and have a perfect picture. She admits that Los Angeles would get the worst of it. "I feel that if I have to work four hours each day and count calories of everything I put in the mouth and get Botox at 22 and obsessed with my image all the time, I go mad.

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