Thursday, July 14, 2011

Enrique Iglesias is not ready to pamper or be married ... yet!

The singer of Spanish origin, Enrique Iglesias, who lives a romantic relationship without waves for 10 years with the former tennis player, Anna Kournikova, told the British magazine "OK Magazine" that he was not ready to start a family or even get married. "I do not feel ready to have children now, but who knows, maybe in six months, I change my mind or that in 16 years I do not have to always feel start a family, "said the interpreter of" Dirty Dancer "36 years old.

He added, "I do not think about it before, I have children, but not now," he added. But thinks the old sport? Indeed, the biological clock of a woman and a man is not always in tune, should not the artist is the question again in five years because the girl may get tired before, to unless a pregnancy is not a priority after all ...

having a baby is not an obligation! Despite its official status of unmarried man without children, the beautiful latin lover revealed he was not a night owl and that the pace of life had calmed down a lot lately, "I go out again. I am that kind of person who can party 24 hours and who can stay in without going for a month.

I do not feel good when I drink, I need a whole week to recover from a night too watered! I love to ask me on my couch and relax. I really enjoy my house in Malibu. It's great when I have time to come there and watch football with friends or even alone. I love being alone. "This declaration will rejoice over her pretty blonde, what do you think? During the interview, the son of singer Julio Iglesias, also addressed the issue of his style of dress, confident that he loved in the style of English footballer David Beckham and actor, Johnny Depp, the companion 'French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis.

"Personally I would like to have the appearance of David Beckham. His sense of style is full, it is always perfect. Johnny Depp was also a lot of class and its strength is that more than forty years he looks thirty. " The young man said to rely on a stylist, "I have a great stylist. I choose my clothes from a screening to make my clips.

I am interested in fashion but I'm not trends, my circle of friends knows that. I am a guy in jeans and tee-shirt. " He is not worried about his lack of style fits him like a glove!

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