Monday, July 11, 2011

Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz continue their summer adventures in England!

After enjoying Spain's long, and the bottom, the hometown of her boyfriend Eduardo Cruz, Eva Longoria has put on course, always accompanied by his handsome gentleman, to England ... After having cruised in streets of Madrid, having tasted the delights of Catalonia and have bathed in the warm waters of the Mediterranean on a yacht sailing towards Marbella, the young woman began to UK time by putting her bags in London ...

And as each of his stops, the actress from the series "Desperate Housewives" loves to share the glamor of its existence by posting photos of his great escapes on the social network Twitter, so she took the laying out of a London taxi and shared his enthusiasm, leaving the message "Hello UK! I love the taxis in London.

" A message also thought deserved to be shared with the entire planet! We discover the little brunette wearing white pants, a sailor, a gray hat and dark glasses XXL with a radiant smile to the man who has immortalized, her beloved ... The couple probably formed by Eva and Eduardo was on a roll, they did not leave nearly an inch since last February, divorced the girl's basketball player Tony Paker, has finally found a man who takes care of her full-time and who does not spend his days traveling the world away from her! Eduardo gave him a solid shoulder on which it can rely, it must be said that the young man, brother of the actress, Penelope Cruz does not look to the tooth of a professional point of view, but can count on the character of Gabrielle Solis and advertising contracts with her sweet to keep the pot boiling ...

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