Monday, July 11, 2011

Jennifer Aniston is a good break "love" in his career!

Between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, nothing is completely official. But the couple recently was immortalized by the care of famous Terry Richardson, one can consider the debate closed! At a time when (former) single most coveted Hollywood Justin Theroux present as his new boyfriend, disturbances are increasing in the life of Jennifer Aniston.

The rumor was launched last week, it is confirmed now. The Friends actress has every intention of halting its operations. In the middle of promoting How to kill his boss, Jason Bateman and Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston is planning to ease its rate of two to three films a year. Jen, stopped in flight, cut down in his career at age 42? His agent has preferred calm things down: "It does not take a sabbatical.

It's totally exaggerated. She always intended to take a few months after Wanderlust." This has undoubtedly work drunk to forget his painful breakup with Brad Pitt would have chosen to keep such a little time to one who now holds a special place in his heart.

This is not the time to say goodbye insists his agent concerned to see the starlet out of the starting blocks, "She is on projects that could begin this winter." In fact, Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston met on the set of his latest film Wanderlust announced, nor has official project after this film which is scheduled for U.S. release in October. Leaving them few good months to enjoy peacefully their budding romance!

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