Monday, July 18, 2011

Jennifer Lopez, resettled with her former lover?

Looking at the video for J-Lo, I'm Into You, we should have to doubt! Perfect body, chest impressive, angel face, the sublime Cuban actor William Levy fills the screen ... and formed a perfect couple with the singer. But for us, Jennifer Lopez was Mrs. Marc Anthony, mother of his twins, unattainable woman and the right.

He had not reckoned with the weaknesses of human nature, and the irresistible call of libido. Because between takes on the beach video, Bomba Latina and the standard would have shared more than cocktails, their history and extended out of the trays. While the news of the divorce of Jennifer Lopez and her husband has just fallen, the rumor swells: Levy is for the singer would have ended his marriage.

A tool that seems to be confirmed as the actor and model, ten years his junior, has itself split in May from his girlfriend, Elizabeth Gutierrez, with whom he was eight years. The latter, credulous, had not listened to the warnings of his entourage, who found her boyfriend a little too close to Jennifer Lopez: "I have always been firmly alongside William, despite rumors ...

I had no reason to doubt the strength of our union, I confess that this decision was not easy. But I have to respect me as a person, wife and mother. "The couple had two children, Christopher Alexander, in 2006 and Kailey Alexandra, last year.

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