Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Joe Jonas, new girlfriend and problems at a concert

Joe Jonas appears to have found love. At the reception offered by the Prince William and Kate Middleton in Los Angeles could see the artist know as it was the first time they had seen, the model Karlie Kloss. The spectacular model did not have the slightest problem to discuss the party with the singer.

Several sources close to the artist does not hesitate to say that this first encounter could well end up in something else. Both sides have talked a lot about that first meeting and it is possible to see again before long. In another vein, a recent concert artist in Brooklyn has been reviewed with somewhat opposing views.

The party Paper magazine was, according to the New York Daily News, one of the worst concerts of the singer as she received a number of impacts with boos and mini basketballs donated by a sponsor of the event mark. Gossip Cop has contrasted this information and has concluded that it was the opposite.

While the mini balls were used to being thrown on stage you never tried to hit the singer with one of them. Boo I do not quite true quite the opposite. The public received the artist with an almost sepulchral silence and one could say that nobody was interested in what Jonas was doing on stage.

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