Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Justin Bieber is depressing Vanity Fair sales

Still cute and cute with his white shirt and neck covered by kisses on the cover of Vanity Fair in February 2011, Justin Bieber is to break the record ... the worst sales of the magazine for 12 years! With 246,000 copies sold, Justin can not do worse than Will Smith at the time of the release of Wild Wild West in July 1999 (202,701 copies sold), but sees this as the symbol of his calling of public disaffection towards him.

According to the website dedicated WWD, the little Canadian would have reduced the sales of two other magazines listed on the cover: Teen Vogue in October 2010 (passed with 121,054 copies or 12% less than the average magazine) in April and Peopleen 2010 (with 961 762 buyers, 25% less than the average magazine in 2010).

These poor figures are in addition to another against performance with Justin Bieber Baby clip recently dethroned Friday - one of the famous teen singer booed most of clear, Rebecca Black - in terms of "dislikes".

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