Friday, July 15, 2011

Kate Middleton and weight, rumors of the English press

Kate Middleton is still in the center of attention. The Duchess of Kent is too thin, according to Star, to become pregnant so the rumor mill has put his blade up and it appears that the next victim will be cited. The illustrious Dr. Fred Pescatore, no kidding, says, "Although I have not tried I can never say you should weigh about 50 kilos so fat in the body I can only wish him luck if you decide to become pregnant." A friend, as he says that "Everytime the topic of children William looks at him but she did not know what to do.

Is too thin to get pregnant and is not fit to have that coveted child they desire. " The last sentence is because another friend says, "In the ninetieth birthday of Prince Philip would be best to give him a gift of a child before the end of the year." Other friends, who can not believe the friends who may encounter to avoid a lawsuit, say that "In the Palace is very concerned about the thinness of Kate and already suggests that the young man could follow in the footsteps of Lady Di" .

That is, the former Diana died of anorexia and not an accident.

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