Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rihanna is not vindictive, she is always very close to Matt Kemp!

Rihanna continues to maintain good relations with her ex-boyfriend, Matt Kemp. Despite their separation in December 2010, the singer and the baseball player remained good friends. In the words of Matt Kemp, there is no malice, no hatred between the two ex-lovers. The athlete of 26 years revealed this week: "It is a good friend of mine.

All is well between us. "The young man insists that there is no animosity between them:" We have very busy lives and we are working on our careers and focus on our work. As I said, I wish him the best and I wish the best too. "Matt Kemp is back on the reason for his separation from Rihanna...

He could not stand the media attention that surrounded the couple. Now single, he can focus 100% on his career as a baseball player. Not really easy to go out with a mega star like Rihanna who catches the eye! For its part single Rihanna is even in recent weeks rumors lend him a relationship with the Canadian rapper Drake.

The singer recently revealed she felt ready to start a new relationship, stating that its future suitors will win her love!

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