Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zac Efron vs Vanessa Hudgens: Which of the two stars will most impress you with his next role

The beautiful bright-eyed actor, Zac Efron, was photographed yesterday July 15, while making a film for director Ramin Bahrani (whose title has not yet been revealed) and the first images of the film reveal in automobile driver, an outfit that suits her perfectly! The drama is expected to tell the story of a farmer that will change negatively the lives of his family by taking certain decisions ...

The actor of "Charlie St Cloud", which became known to the general public through his role as Troy Bolton in the Disney Channel TV movie "High School Musical," is expected to play opposite Dennis Quad, and Maika Red West Monroe. The young man, who is now single since her breakup with Vanessa Hudgens, is investing heavily in his career and after the film shot in Newton, Iowa, he should fly to New Orleans where he will begin filming an erotic thriller alongside Matthew McConaughey and Australian actress Nicole Kidman, and John Cusack, a film entitled "The Paperboy".

It is in fact the film adaptation of a thriller written by the novelist Peter Dexter, is led by the Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, known for his subversive universe, and Lee Daniels (director of "Precious"). His former girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens has also invested in the work as it is currently filming a drama "Gimme Shelter" directed by Ron Krauss where she played a pregnant teenager who finds himself homeless, she played opposite Brendan Fraser who will play his father on the screen but also to Rosario Dawson.

Vanessa Hudgens announced via Twitter that his fans would be surprised by his physical transformation for the purposes of the film "I'm really pleased and proud of my work, and let me tell you that you will be surprised to discover me on the screen. " Indeed, the actress 'Sucker Punch' has not lied, since we discovered the first pictures of Vanessa and she is simply unrecognizable, short hair, look a tomboy rather grunge, a tattoo neck, a piercing in the mouth without an ounce of makeup, it is far from the image of girly doll clothes for the brand "Candy's".

So who do you think will most impress the public for his first major dramatic role in film, Zac Efron and boils or cursed Angel Vanessa Hudgens completely transformed? It will be patient to see their performance in the film but here are two young stars determined to win with more adult roles and to forget their years Disney Channel ...

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