Monday, July 18, 2011

Amy Winehouse finally tip his nose

Amy Winehouse has enjoyed a great day to take a breath of fresh air ... The British singer, who is not in top form, was seen last Tuesday (July 12), in the streets of Camden , a district of London, England. The young woman, wearing a Fred Perry shirt and skinny jeans, was accompanied by a friend for this unexpected stroll.

It must be said that the relatives of the artist are very worried for his health. According to a source, Amy Winehouse would be the worst ... she spends most of her days at home to empty bottles of Vodka! She would have made no less than three syncope in a week. "His alcoholism has no limits" specified relatives.

According to her doctors, Amy Winehouse must stop as soon as possible to consume alcohol on pain of death, "is his last chance. It is true that truth is hard to hear, but the situation is very serious and the young woman should be aware of what to expect. " Reg Traviss her boyfriend had threatened to leave if she continued to self-destruct.

Hopefully the singer to resume quickly. We still remember his disastrous performance on stage in Belgrade. Dead drunk and unable to field a right note, she had made booed by the audience. A terrible image that we would soon forgotten ...

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