Monday, July 18, 2011

Justin Bieber is committed against the text message while driving!

Justin Bieber wants to educate its fans, especially young people in general about the dangers of typing text messages while driving. In this context, the Canadian singer is involved in a campaign to prevent the risks of texting while driving. For this, the boyfriend of Selena Gomez has a smartphone application developed by the company PhoneGuard (Drive Safe) function that automatically disables the sms and e-mail by making inactive the mobile phone keypad when the driver is over 15 km /h.

When the car driver is stopped for more than five seconds, all the features of mobile reappear like magic! As a system rather clever, no? Justin Bieber has partnered with Alex Brown Remember the foundation that was created after the tragic death of a young teenager who sent a text message while driving.

The Canadian star said: "There are too many young people like Alex Brown, no longer with us because of texting while driving. I hope that this partnership with PhoneGuard, we manage to raise awareness of this problem and provide safer conditions for everyone on the road. "" As a driver of 17 years, I am aware of the many distractions that we teenagers have to face on the road, and send an SMS is that it is possible to avoid said about Justin campaign, "he said.

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