Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Angelina Jolie is the highest paid actress in Hollywood

Former bad girl now chastened whose unauthorized biography has recently caused a scandal in the United States when it was released, Angelina Jolie arrives first tied with SJP aka Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & The City. The two actresses have both won $ 30 million (21 million) over the last 12 months. Seals between the two blockbusters Salt and The Tourist and the one she touched to be the new face of Louis Vuitton, we do not really worry about his entire family Benetton.

But as we know Angie reverse third of its revenues to charity, we say congratulations! At the third in the standings come also tied Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon with revenues of $ 28 million or 19 million euros each. We can better understand the desire to Jen to take a year off.

And in 5th place, again tied, Julia Roberts, the more bankable than before, and Kristen Stewartqui made a triumphal entry into the Top 10 thanks to the global success of the Twilight Saga and her roles in Welcome to the RileyetThe Runaways . Both actresses won $ 14 million (just under 10 million euros) over the past year.

Finally, after Katherine Heigl, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep ... the poor!

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