Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ashley Tisdale denies any connection with Zac Efron

While the actress was duly photographed and filmed in more equivocal positions with Zac Efron at the party for his 26èmeanniversaire last weekend, it was keen to deny the persistent rumor that has no place in her to be: "do not believe the pictures ... I had a birthday so great with my friends, my family and my BOYFRIEND Scott.

I will not let a stupid rumor ruin the great time we spent!" In view of the images where the two former partners of shooting in High School Musical behaved and touched more like lovers than friends, however, doubt is widely permitted. Was it only intended to make the buzz and remember that despite the fragile filmography, Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale are still in the race for Hollywood? Or the two friends who grew up together and have known for years they are so expressive, but without a second thought? Anyway, Ashley has meanwhile posted on his Twitter a picture of her and Scott, smiling and accomplices in the party for his birthday.

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  1. LOL celebrities crack me up with these denials. If its no big deal why comment about it. Brush it off and laugh about it. Don't they know they draw more attention to it when they comment and if they leave it alone it will go away. If they are seen together again like this then people will say something.