Friday, July 1, 2011

Emma Watson is "Flippee" by Los Angeles

Its success, Emma Watson owes in part to its natural charm. So no question of changing anything in the physical. Interviewed by the magazine Harper's Bazaar, the interpreter of Hermione in Harry Potter, has proved to be no concessions. "Los Angeles makes me super pinball. I feel as if I had to go to the gym for four hours every day and count the calories of everything that goes into my mouth, and to have Botox at age 22, and be obsessed about my image permanently, I would go mad, I cracked it completely, "she said.

She also confirmed that it was still pursuing his studies, and that for its third year, she would spend the year in an English university. She denied having been mistreated by against the students of the American university in the words of the rumor so far.

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