Friday, July 1, 2011

Justin Bieber signed for Google Chrome

Not much to say of the young Justin Bieber we do not know, as it is and will remain in full limelight. It has a huge musical hit, has own business as a line of cosmetics, eyewear and fragrances launched and now has to add his own brand another. It has been signed as the face of Google Chrome. Lady Gaga was first and now the singer be charged with the image of the Google Chrome browser.

It's not something we can surprise since the Canadian born precisely to upload videos to the popular YouTube website. Google Chrome in a promotional ad for just one minute, takes a look at the life of Bieber and its evolution since its inception and first recordings in the popular network of videos.

There we see a young man making his first steps Bieber music and trying to break into the music scene. The video is the familiar background music hit 'Baby' which is precisely the most viewed on YouTube, but also the most negative comments have, in short, the successes Bieber since it became an account on the web platform nick Kidrauhl until today it is virtually a musical revolution with a whole army of fans all over the world.

There is no doubt that Selena Gomez's boyfriend is at its peak and is increasingly popular but as there are those who gain followers still think fame has gone to his head, and everything going through the roof can drop suddenly.

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