Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jennifer Aniston talks about her divorce from Brad Pitt

When in 2006, Aniston starred in the film Breaking alongside Vince Vaughn, one can not help thinking about his own divorce from Brad Pitt, which occurred a year earlier. Ironically to some, but Jennifer Aniston, The Break in turn has had a therapeutic effect and helped to mourn her marriage. "It was a beautiful story about a couple who split up and as you know, the subject was not unknown at the time," said Jennifer Aniston during the show Inside the Actor's Studio, which she recently attended.

"I lived as a way to exorcise all of that," she said, adding that she really liked in the film. "One might think otherwise but I really have fun on the set," assured Jennifer Aniston. "Even the producers were cautious and hesitated to offer me this role," continued the former Friends actress, before concluding: "That's life, turn the page and move forward." And after several infructeuses dating Jennifer Aniston now seems to have found the man who should: Justin Theroux, with whom she spins the perfect love.

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