Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kate Middleton's car for sale on internet

Since her marriage to Prince William, Kate Middleton has become a real trend-setter. His day cream Nivea is regularly out of stock at Boots, Zara dress she wore on the day after the ceremony is now found, and it is so for everything it touches, like it or quotes. Riding the wave of adoration for the Duchess of Cambridge, a wise guy decided to make a fortune by selling the car that was driving the beautiful while in school, before offering it to his brother in 2007.

The latter sold it two years later to a man named Sonny Brazil, who gave it to his son. The Blue Rabbit Golf in perfect condition, has been priced at £ 20,000 (or € 22,800) on ebay, and auction will end July 24. The seller, known 0118sonny accompanies the car photos of Kate Middleton at the wheel, and a certificate proving that she has belonged.

He also claims to have found cufflinks that could belong to Prince William by cleaning the vehicle, but have decided to return to the royal family.

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