Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lady Gaga at the war against Youtube

It is not because it was sacred Queen of Pop by Rolling Stone, instead of Madonna, that Lady Gaga can afford everything. Believing himself probably above the law, the popstar post everything that comes to mind on Youtube, and sees her regularly report closed with the words: "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of human rights authors.

"This time, the production company Interactive Media Incorporated which has closed after it posted its performance in the music program SMAP x SMAP, broadcast on Japan, Fuji TV. She performed a medley explosive, bringing together the tubes of his latest album, Born This Way: The Edge of Glory, You and I and Born This Way.

Too bad for Lady Gaga to Twitter, a few hours before putting them online, "My SMAP x SMAP passage is played right now in Japan. Kawaii monsters." Remember that Lady Gaga has several records on Youtube with nearly 400 million views for the video for Bad Romance, and more than 115 million of the Telephone, a duet with Beyoncé.

The singer, who has just been overtaken by the number of likeur Rihanna on Facebook (40,679,191 against 40,617,116) will soon avenge the closures wild with the creation of its own social network backplane. There, at least, it controls everything!

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