Friday, July 8, 2011

Katie Holmes: white hair in only 32 years!

Between Scientology, the whims of his daughter Suri, the controversy surrounding the Atlantic by the series The Kennedys and husband Tom Cruise (who is said to have boosted his daughter to appear in the film Rock of Ages ), Katie Holmes has certainly not an easy life ... from there to get white hair at only 32 years! At the Armani fashion show haute couture in Paris, the actress has indeed exhibited a long gray strand out of place in her pretty brown hair.

Some also point to its extreme thinness, noticed recently when the actress was in a swimsuit on a beach in Miami. According to a friend of Katie Holmes has told Now magazine, Ms. Cruise is indeed gone from a size 38 to 34 following a strict diet. The friend added: "Katie believes that if she got where it is only because she is married to Tom.

It does not always feel appropriate to think that Hollywood and stay so thin is the only how to get more roles. "At the same time, if it takes its cue from the success of her friend Victoria Beckham, the actress is not ready to feather.

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