Friday, July 8, 2011

Charlene Wittstock has finally silenced the rumors about his marriage

The Principality of Monaco and the world waited for a week that Charlene Wittstock decides to face rumors that evoked a stormy crossing over with Prince Albert. So in Vogue magazine that South African swimmer has finally entrusted admitting shocked by the rumors. In the interview, Charlene Wittstockdément she fled the palace on the eve of marriage and claims to be happy in love.

It also strongly denounced the gossip: "It is shameful that this kind of rumors out at a bad time [...] I think the goal was to sabotage such an opportunity. These are lies categorical." According to her, he has never been a matter of catching up at the airport and accuracy of an endless discussion with an intermediary to persuade her not to leave the Rock.

It will still be necessary to intervene on someone to silence the rumors that even a denial of the royal palace was not enough to appease.

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