Monday, July 4, 2011

Lady Gaga received as a head of state in Taiwan

No doubt the 'pop diva' Lady Gaga has a following anywhere in the world. Although there are countries which receive it with more enthusiasm or with the honors of a head of state. The singer first visited Taiwan, Taichung, a town with two and a half million inhabitants and was greeted by the mayor to give you the keys to the city.

In the 'official act', appeared in a striking style Versace model and two-color hair. After hand over the keys, the mayor said Sunday "the day of Lady Gaga." He also gave a picture that symbolizes the fusion of East and West that characterizes the city. The Taiwanese artist who painted the portrait with a typical Chinese dress, said that the most difficult to paint the singer was "the wild eyes." Gaga, stepped on Taiwanese city within its Asian tour, held to promote his latest album, Born This Way, and apart from the act, gave a concert for 4,000 attendees, selected by lot at the Taichung Park Pavilion.

But before his arrival, the city is literally dressed with a profusion of posters of Lady Gaga and hundreds of young people dressed in clothes of the style of the artist, who splashed color the streets of Taichung.

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