Monday, July 4, 2011

Monaco Marriage: a marriage that can pay big dividends

The weddings are recipe. Some governments have also much to benefit from these unions version fairytale dreams. Monaco is no exception as the key decision makers hope to recognize the Principality of benefits of marriage gold Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock on the economy of the Rock. And although the number of visitors (just over 100,000) expected for the festivities was not the measure of a Grand Prix Formula 1 (200 000), Monaco intends primarily generate renewed interest among tourists , of the great fortunes and long-term investors to replenish its casinos, 4 star hotels, nice shops and restaurants.

Monaco Tourism officials already be working on a program of visits named "Monaco, the world capital of romance." On the site of France Info, the Delegate General for Tourism said that their idea is to "capitalize on the benefits of international royal wedding and set up a course marriage." Especially as the principality in dire need to revive its economy, tourists have abandoned the somewhat expensive destination since the crisis in 2009.

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