Friday, July 1, 2011

Marriage Kate Moss: a wall of anti-paparazzi

If one looks forward to the pictures of Kate Moss in a wedding dress (John Galliano?), We may be disappointed. Last night, the twig has posed for photographers in her blue dress for dinner with her future husband, but her wedding day, she wants a little more enmity. In fact, the very fact that Kate Moss Jamie Hince now wife has never been confirmed by the model itself.

However, we know that this afternoon they will be united religiously and they then planned a big party over three days with transvestites, a trapeze artist and the hundreds of guests including Jude Law and probably Vivienne Westwood . That is what attract customers and paparazzi in number.

But the device seems repellent curious well-established. A metal wall over two meters was deployed around the property in Gloucestershire which will host the festivities. Even the inhabitants of the county must comply with regular security checks to travel. This ensures that Kate Moss and her guests to have fun away from prying eyes.

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