Saturday, July 9, 2011

Megan Fox shows in pictures it does not use Botox

Called the hottest girl of the year in 2008, Megan Fox squats the covers of tabloids, and it is not only through her acting skills. His rise owes much to its involvement in Transformers 1 and 2, which is known to the public. A plastic dream, a face that does not leave indifferent the male sex ...

Of course the rumors started running about a possible surgery. Recently, the tabloids claimed that Megan Fox had used Botox to look younger. But the beautiful can not be done and decided to silence the rumors in an offset manner ... and effective! Facebook page Megan Fox brings together nearly 27 million fans around the world, so it's very logical that the star has released two days ago a photo album entitled "THINGS YOU CAN NOT DO WITH YOUR FACE WHEN YOU HAVE BOTOX "or" What you can not do with your face when you take the Botox ".

Follows a half dozen pictures that Megan Fox poses so surprised or shocked, his face showing that many wrinkles in the appropriate places.

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