Friday, July 8, 2011

Prince Harry back with Chelsy Davy

The British press has a good time to marry her sister Pippa Middleton, she has recently taken an affair with Florence Brudenell-Bruce, a blonde model in underwear after he was photographed with the lovely young woman, but Harry finally returned into the arms of Chelsy Davy. Moreover a source told the jet setter blogger Perez Hilton that Chelsy and Harry were planning a holiday in South Africa this year.

In April, the man nicknamed Dirty Harry and who is really nothing like his older brother had invited Chelsy at the wedding of his older brother, but soon after he confessed to being "100% single." It seems that Prince Harry will be chastened and meanwhile has decided to regularize a checkered history with the girl.

After the royal wedding, a source told the Mirror: "see William stabilized had a big impact on him and was asking questions about its future. He realizes that the bond between them is too good for any Send walk. "

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