Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Selena Gomez blackmailed her boyfriend Justin ... what passion! (Video)

For some fans or some of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, this is new information that may displease them, particularly beliebers who do not like the romantic relationship between their idol and the interpreter of "Who Says"! The young couple still queue perfect love, do not like their critics, was seen in the process of exchanging a kiss as they entertained at the karaoke Lucky Strike, in downtown Los Angeles.

The Canadian singer, who always as much on the rise, and actress of the series of Disney Channel have once again been demonstrating their love in public by interpreting the title of Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, 'Picture' indeed after singing a duet, they gave a tender kiss on the mouth. They may be stars, two young do not like it less entertaining as people age, movie theater, karaoke, or move to fast food at lunch time (even if not good for Selena!).

For this evening in a relaxed, Selena wore a tank top and blue scalloped Justin a black T-shirt ... That may make them want to record a duet, such complicity could be used to register a romantic way, that 'What do you think? Unless the young woman, who is playing the comedy Monte Carlo, prefers the company of Britney Spears if she would consider a duet ...

Indeed, the singer who just released his new album "When the sun goes down "is a big fan of the pop princess and would like to meet her idol at a concert." I do not know yet, but I like it, I find it very impressive. I feel lucky to have a title she wrote me, "said the girl during an interview in London." Sincerely I want to see during his concert in Los Angeles, everyone says that it is fantastic, it does everything very well.

Britney is my favorite song 'I'ma Salve 4U' "added the performer of" Love You Like a Love Song. " Selena Gomez also mentioned his upcoming tour which should follow the release of his new album stating it will be a great show with different pictures, and will be accompanied by dancers in the spirit 'rave' for more than 13 years (PG-13).

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