Saturday, July 2, 2011

Selena Gomez eating hamburgers with Justin Bieber

Not many weeks ago, Selena Gomez had to be admitted to the hospital for eating disorders to be malnourished and exhausted. At discharge from doctors advised him to pursue a healthy and balanced diet and leave the junk food and she promised to feed better. However, despite the recommendations of doctors, she was seen a couple of days ago with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, eating burgers at a McDonalds in New York.

As has been told, a witness says that the wedding couple enjoyed some burgers and fries in the known chain. "Justin and Selena and his bodyguards came here at three in the afternoon," said witness HollywoodLife web site. "It was very strange to see a celebrity asking for a burger and fries.

We never thought that celebrities eat at fast food restaurants because they are so famous. He was with Selena and her bodyguard. Selena was very nice and happy and asked for a Big Mac and fries, "concludes the witness. Surprisingly, Selena has gone into the doctor's bullfighter, as she said when she was discharged, that everything just led to a poor diet and lack of protein by eating hamburgers, snacks and other junk food, not is nothing good nutrition and many other fats.

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