Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tobey Maguire and poker games of poker, the player defends his innocence

If there was a few weeks ago the news now comes the explanation of the actor. Accused of playing poker in illegal gambling dens, Maguire has decided to defend his innocence. Bradley Ruderman is the person who denounced him while the same is in jail for a debt of $ 50 million with a partner. Ruderman argues that Maguire would play poker with your money and the $ 300,000 he won a part belongs.

Maguire wanted to make it very clear that "the games were played by adults and there was a" house "that will take a share of the profits." Gossip Cop According to Maguire's defense will not have it easy because nothing has Ruderman checks signed by the actor, who acknowledges that he owes $ 180,000 after losing several games.

Another important aspect is the U.S. Treasury. According to the actor he has always paid everything on their profits but this is not as clear as it says "Spiderman." Therefore it is thought that Ruderman, who is trying to remove the economic management credibility has taken place in other companies, has an ace up his sleeve that will be the end of winning.

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