Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shakira is dancing her footballer Gerard Pique. In fact, when they sleep? (Photos)

Returning home (or rather at the hotel) after an evening fiesta, the singer Shakira and her boyfriend, footballer for FC Barcelona, Gerard Pique were spotted last night leaving the Miami Beach nightclub late at night! The Colombian artist who takes advantage of days off before going on stage July 15 in Cancun, Mexico, and her beloved who is soon to resume training in Spain looked very tired and drawn as they left the disco Florida at about 4 am after enjoying the dance floor.

It is with a heavy security that the two lovers have left the scene, the couple certainly does not stop one single second, whether day or night, they thoroughly enjoy, wondering if they are time to sleep between two night or even daytime activities ... At their last outing, the couple opted for adventure by offering a rafting trip, a ride on rough turbulent waters ended with a big dip of all participants, it can not be gifted at all! Finally, the honor is saved for Gerard who has not failed to put the blame of this forced swimming to his companion in twitter "Due to poor coordination @ shakira rowing, we all ended up in the water ! "This is a young man who falls good on his feet, occupation forces! In any case our two lovebirds have thoroughly enjoyed their holidays together, visiting beautiful places and enjoying every moment like teenagers who frolic whenever they can, the evidence still images (see below) with their Miami Beach night club ...

They dance fever and spicy adventures, here's a couple that should not be bored in private, what do you think?

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