Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jessica Alba, jealous of the body of Gisele Bundchen

Anyone who has seen a movie with Jessica Alba in Into the Blue, where she walks around in bikinis all the time, The Killer Inside Me in which she played a prostitute in love, anyone who saw the beautiful scantily clad knows she has a body most enviable. Loving, happy, mom and pregnant Jessica Alba looks at her body move with pregnancies implacable judge.

"I would never go back to the weight that I weighed before Honor [her daughter three years]. My body is just different," explained the beauty of 30 years at Allure magazine. "The jeans are closed differently, I wear my clothes differently. It's a miracle that happens to me, but it is not the same after.

Unless you call Gisele." In fact, the pictures of Jessica Alba pregnant with her second child and the show shining far from being goinfrée cupcakes throughout her pregnancy. And we bet on the big screen, the actress still bombesque appear in his next performance. But taken as a reference Brazilian model gives complexes.

If Jessica Alba is concerned about his waist after childbirth, she shouted from the rooftops his joy of giving life. "There is a reason why some body parts are so desirable, because it leads to reproduction". And too bad as all bodies have the elasticity to that of Gisele Bundchen!

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