Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Demi Lovato, positive and happy about life

Demi Lovato is moving forward in life and after passing a difficult time, is stronger than ever. So she told Ryan Seacrest who was doing an interview. "As everyone knows, I spent a lot last year," referring to his bipolar disorder and eating disorders. The girl, 18, had "reached a point where everyone lied, lied about what they eat and be happy ...

I became a brat and had much to do to mature, and I never did so intentional, but I had so many things in my head, "he confessed. "I try to create positive energy wherever they go," Ryan Seacrest said after commenting that conveyed happiness around and talk about his big smile. "This is to overcome the problems," he noted.

"It will go well. No matter how hard is the rock that you can achieve and you can come back, "he added. Something that is reflected in his new song Skyscraper, which was released Tuesday, and whose video opens in a few hours E! Online. This interview to Demi Lovato had a large following on Twitter and hashtag # CongratsDemi became Trending Topic.

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