Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ortega Cano, latest news about his health

Ortega Cano is struggling between life and death, as recognized by one of his nephews, Hospital Virgen Macarena. Having swept away to another driver, who was driving correctly, right-hander saved the chassis of his car but suffers injuries are extremely serious. The Association of Victims of traffic accidents and has asked if Ortega is restored must face justice for what he has done.

We fully agree with the association but may not be the best time to claim something that the family of the murdered will not hesitate to ask court. But let's focus on the last medical report issued by the hospital, "the patient is still admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and continued in its sedative drug and connected to mechanical ventilation." Ortega's nephew says in the magazine Hola! that "There has been neither forward nor backward, but his life is hanging by a thread.

Still on life support. Now the situation remains stable. We are all very worried. Breathing is a little better, but still delicate and very serious. Has been much loss of blood from injuries and is very weak. Has retained much liquid and has the face, hands and arms were badly swollen. "

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