Monday, May 30, 2011

Robert Pattinson is already in new cinematic adventures

Robert Pattinson is embarking on a new adventure film, just finished filming the final part of Twilight, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, "the talented actor began filming" Cosmopolis, "he was spotted Sunday in the open job May 29 Whoever came forward with her interpretation of the vampire Edward Cullen in the famous saga, was photographed with her on screen partner, Sarah Gadon, so they turned to Toronto, Canada.

The actor who seems particularly tired and somewhat emaciated (the global promotion of the movie "Water for Elephants" has been particularly grueling ...) seems in any case, enjoy this new set, and maintain cordial relations perfectly with his partner on the screen. Between takes, they took the opportunity to talk and even joke, actress Reese Witherspoon, had not failed to note that Robert was a lovely boy and humorous on a film set! No doubt he and Sarah will become good friends and it may help to support Rob distance from his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, who is held in London filming the highly anticipated "Snow White".

In his new feature film directed by David Croneberg, Robert Pattinson will also reply to the French actress Juliette Binoche, or the actor Paul Giamatti. Synopsis: Adapted from the work of Don DeLillo, which follows a day during the existential wanderings of the multi-millionaire Eric Packer, New York while he travels in his limousine endless.

These first pictures will allow you to discover what the mood of the film, we discover a Robert Pattinson transformed into wealthy dandy wearing a black tuxedo, his hair styled in a very preppy! For information, "Water for Elephants" garnered 54.4 million revenue in the U.S., knowing that the film cost $ 38 million, the gamble paid off for production.

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