Monday, May 30, 2011

Marchante Karmele explains his departure from Save me

Marchante Karmele wanted to explain Saturday in La Noria the reasons for his departure from Save me. The Tortosa not hesitate to answer questions of employees with their unique style and the interview was an example of the personality of Karmele that, like it or not, remains a person with a lot of pull television.

Since late April, is speculating on the abandoned Marchand and has now been officially confirmed. It appears that the reporter just wanted to "save my mental and physical health and be happy again, be well." "The meditation was at Easter. From the direction of 'Save Me' and 'Deluxe' and from the top of Telecinco I insisted that I stay, so I had a harder time making a decision.

But it is more simple, every time we change the work we're saying goodbye, this is a new page in my book, I lay the epilogue, but life goes on. " Regarding the rumors that she felt her colleagues were doing mobbing said, "That's one thing I never said, it has been speculated as so many things and it is not, nor has it been so, nor have I felt so .

I also want to clarify what was said I was going to sue Jorge Javier Vázquez, this is not so. These rumors I have done much harm. "

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