Monday, May 30, 2011

Lady Gaga naked for the cover of Rolling Stone

Lady Gaga, her hair arranged in a knot at the top of his skull, chest simply dressed in a black bra with semi-transparent. Rather soft in the end! Apart from the fact that the singer is almost naked, the cover of Rolling Stone U.S. is almost ordinary compared to the explosive potential of the young woman.

One that undergoes a semi-reverse when the criticism is shared about his latest, Born This Way, confides to his addiction to music, stage and his fans. "When I'm not on stage, I'm dead. Whether it's healthy or not you think you or anyone else has, a doctor, I do not totally equal. I do not feel alive when I sing, and that's how I was born..

" A somewhat surprising remark from the one that recently evoked in the pages of a special edition of the French Metro his love for his fans, their size close to a cult, preaching respect for all and self. The star also recalls an amazing source of inspiration: the movie Rocky IV, Sylvester Stallone: "My favorite moment was when former coach of Apollo told Rocky:" This is not a machine, a man .

It hurts and when he feels his blood flow, it will fear you "I know it sounds crazy but it made me think of the machine of the music industry. I started thinking about how to bleed the music industry to remind her that she is human, it's not a machine. "

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