Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alaska and Mario Vaquero marry in Madrid

Whether under the guise of making a big chapter of his successful reality show, you can see every Wednesday on MTV, it is because it called for the body, and Mario Vaquero Olvido Gara married yesterday in Madrid. The ceremony, especially clothing, fell short of both. Alaska wore a red dress that highlighted her rotund curves and the legendary Mario chose the black suit and a rose in his lapel.

-Style 50's couple Yes I gave in court to renew wedding already held a decade ago in Las Vegas. The singer herself has said on many occasions to be very nervous about the marriage bond. In fact, as have commented in reality, there was no need but it is always a bit formalize our relationship or at least this is what they have been counting on the aforementioned television program.

Following the request of Mexico's dual nationality everything was arranged and it has. The couple has opted for the banquet and party on Sunday. Guests of almost everyone and all areas will meet in an unforgettable party. It's time to congratulate the couple, wish him well and thank him for bring a new breath of freshness to the television in our country stagnant.

Hopefully we keep cheering with his ideas, his music and style. Our sincere congratulations.

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