Monday, May 30, 2011

Camille Lacourt: the swimmer of her ladies in Fort Boyard

Ever since the European Championships in swimming as members of the French team took the stature of national heroes. It must be said that their phenomenal success followed the crushing defeat footballing World Cup, as saying that France needed someone to cheer him up. So popular as a hero Camille Lacourt and colleagues swimmers circle of Marseille will be met at Fort Boyard for a show that will air on July 2.

Fabien Gilot will present William Meynard, Maud Fontenoy, his brother and a non-swimmer Florent, Aurélie Vaneck. The young woman is a familiar face since égalempent embodies Ninon de France in fiction TV Plus Belle la Vie. That future viewers can rest assured, the actress is also a sport and should bring its forces during the show.

The boyars collected will go to the foundation so Maud Fontenoy parainée by Luc Besson and Marion Cotillard "Going against the planet" to save the diversity of the ocean.

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